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Monday, 12 December 2011

Annual Photoshoot

When I was younger, I used to watch MTV 24 hours a day. I was very amused with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, what with the countless glam photoshoots they attend, glam makeup, glam clothes, glam poses. 
Now that I have grown up and experienced a number of photoshoots for Fly FM, I dread them. Do not get me wrong, I count my blessings everyday but photoshoots can be a really, REALLY long process. For this year's Fly FM photoshoot, Prem and I were stuck in the studio from 11am till 5:30pm. 
And half the time, we were just waiting. Here are some shots I managed to get while waiting...
The stylist thought it would be funny if Prem wore this jacket

Awesome makeup thanks to Hot FM AM Krew Producer / Part time makeup artiste

Prem's birthday shoes to be used for the shoot
Waiting for Hafiz to finish his set
Hafiz - Valentine's Day shoot
Prem being touched up by the team
I used my Adidas Neo jeans all through out the shoot. And of course my fave sneakers made its debut as well
End result
We are always up to no good


  1. dengg~~~ prem's vans soooo cool!!!
    n nadia u are hot babes like always..
    hafiz? please maintain d botakness in u.. coz i like it!! heee.

    keep on rockking PRC!! ILY guys..!

  2. I like this picture (the last one .. you and the 2 hunks) girl .... Awesome