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Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Simple Recipe

If like me, you live far from your parents and eating out is an exhausted option, there are plenty of simple recipes you can try out. 
Here's something that's healthy yet yummy : Pesto Chicken and Salad. 
You can either make your own pesto or buy them from the supermarket. They come in jars or frozen. The frozen one will last you longer in case you cannot finish the jarred ones in the allocated time. 
Making your own pesto is just as simple, just google the recipe online. 
First and foremost, marinade your chicken breast pieces with the pesto and leave it in the fridge for a minimum of two hours. And then you start frying the chicken with olive oil.
You do not have to add any more seasoning as the pesto gives the chicken superb flavour

In the meantime, start on your salad. There is absolutely no limitation as to what you can put in your salad, as long as the flavours do not clash. For this salad, I mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced yellow onions, feta cheese and tossed it with some Italian dressing.
You can season the salad with some black pepper if you like

And once the chicken is cooked, your dinner is ready! Bon apetit!
I placed some fresh basil on the chicken for flavour and aroma. But since pesto is made of fresh basil, it does not really do anything much for added flavour so it is mostly for aroma

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