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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Chapter

Today I said my goodbyes on both social media accounts - twitter and facebook. So many of you gave a lot of love and I truly appreciate it. This is a new chapter in my life and I hope you come along for an adventure. 

Saying goodbye is never easy but it has to be done. People come and go and I came and I went and I bring along some very very good memories.
With Shel and Hafiz at the KLIA studio, 2007

2007 - ex boss Hawa, ex admin man Wan and Hafiz

AIM with Tini Hot fm, Hunny Madu, Tony Fonseka and Hafiz

Back to School with Prem, Steve, Ben, Jules and Hafiz in the back
Recording the Pagi Rock Anthem

Fly FM weekly meeting (eating)
Datuk Jimmy Choo on the Pagi Show
Having tea in Sri Lanka with colleagues from One FM and Hot FM
Interviewing Charice in KL
Hosting the Roxy fashion show with Phat Fabes and Ben
Pagi Rock Crew at Juice Party
Prem wanting a pair of Dre Beatz and after he actually received a pair of Dre Beatz
After Chelsea lost a game that weekend, Hafiz was made to wear a Liverpool jersey
Adam posing with Prem's birthday cake on the set of Quickie
Pagi Rock Crew with Chris Willis
Pagi Rock Crew producer, Laila
With David Archuleta
With Captain Malaysia, helping Chee Chun realize his dream of becoming a dancing ninja

I have so many more photos but cannot find them right now. What ever it may be, thank you so much for the past six years. It has been an amazing journey. See you all on the other side. Much love!


  1. we're gona miss u on the PRC!!!!

  2. what happened? sorry, but i'm so lost here.. & i realllyy love ur show. :)

    1. Nothing happened, i just wanna do a lot of other things so look out for future announcements k

  3. yeahh.
    I missed the pagi rock crew show today.
    what ever it is.
    I am your number one fans nadia.
    All the best to you for everything you will do after this.

  4. Whyyyy so sudden ? I'm not listening to PagiRockCrew anymore, tak best :( Anw, goodluck !

  5. Nadia, I never like to listen to radio until I found you with Ben and Phat Fabes and since then I became pagi show fans and was so frustrated whenever u were on leave. Pagi show changed, But thanx God, u run the show with Prem n Hafiz, it was blessed and lovely..

    I am so sad I'll not gonna hear u every morning anymore but I wish u all the best babe. I will support u no matter what u do. Keep in touch in twitter.

    Nadia, thank you so much for being a good-fantastic-awesome-lovely announcer. Thank you!

    lots of love,
    Dila DiCaprio/ Lady DiCaprio <3

  6. Nadia,

    You're my favorite female radio announcer!
    And you'll always be my fav.

    Wherever you go...
    Believe in what you doing.


    1. tq so much Safura. u put tears to my eyes

  7. dear naddy,
    lepas ni tak de la nak dgr celoteh u di waktu pagi....huuu huuu huuu T_T

    but dun forget to update this blog ya...good luck naddy!!!

  8. I've always been a fan of the PRC and you with them, with me twitting you guys every morning on the way to work. Much luck on your future endeavours! :D


  9. oh my, y so sudden? what will happen to your bucket list? pls come back.. ;-(

    1. the boys completed my bucket list for me. i love them for it n i love u for the support. thank u so much!

  10. OMG..i just found out Nads !!! You guys were supposed to come to penang, and when you didn't make it, I thought you were off sick or something. Man..most probably won't be listening to PRC after this.

    So, what's up with you ?

  11. wat actually happened midway? that is the more pressing question... someone dont just go away midway the roadtrip cum bday bucketlist....

  12. u r my daughter's favourite... I didn't know what to tell her about you! She's only 9yrs old... :)
    good luck.

  13. so sad when u r not around in PRC anymore...

  14. huwaaaaaaaaaa... ms lady dia dia... patut la xde "bunga" on PRC... isk isk isk... sob sob sob...

  15. u left???? huwaaaaa!!!~ i dunno u left so everyday i wait for u in PRC... i tot Jules only replacing u maybe u are away for holiday :(
    now only i know...
    Btw, best of lucks to u girl..... :)

    * i lke prem's cake.. where did u guys order?

  16. I just loved listening to you, ben and phat fabes on the pagi show..you guys made the perfect pact! I never missed it! But after ben and phat fabes left, PRC is just...PRC. Everything happens for a reason, so I wish you all the best Nadia! You're awesome. :)