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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's up?

So what's up? Just thought I'd catch up with you. Since I left Fly fm, I have been up to a few things. 
Of course, I am still hosting 8TV Nite Live, thank you for tuning in ;p
My co host Baki Zainal now has BLOND hair!

Also, my Mama decided to take me for a quick girlie getaway over the weekend so we jetted off to Langkawi.
Don't play play, Langkawi fest okaaaay
Their car rental service in Langkawi is pretty affordable so we took this MyVi
The view from our room. The beach was literally 100 metres away
That night we had a seafood dinner at Restoran Mangga near our hotel in Pantai Tengah
Their food is very good, ask the hundreds of foreign tourists who eat there
Ikan Bakar grilled to perfection
I made a friend while having dinner! I named her Luna Moona
I bought a bag of Reese's in Kuah
This is what was left of the Reese's three hours later hehe
The next morning, I took a walk to the beach while Mama was still asleep

If you look closely, you will see a topless lady in the right side of this photo hehe
Absolutely breathtaking
The next day, Mama bought all the ikan bilis on the island
Later, we took a drive to the Cove where boats dock
We had a delicious meal at The Loaf, starting with this very creamy broccoli and asparagus soup
It was followed by this Nicoise Salad (which I did not quite enjoy)
And then Mama and I shared the delicious meatloaf
A fed girl is a happy girl
Later we visited Bon Ton, a Resort, Restaurant and Rehabilitation Center for injured cats and dogs
This black cat came out of nowhere and collapsed at my feet!
I think she knew I have a black cat at home. The poor thing had only half an ear and her left eye was cloudy.
This handsome guy was the guard outside
There was also a very beautiful Golden Retriever getting some rest inside but I did not manage to get a good shot of her =(
As I was leaving, I said goodbye to the black cat but she ignored me. I suppose the huge food tray served as a major distraction. Oh well...
We had dinner at Restoran Mangga again and my friend Luna Moona was back!
Via FB, Irlanda Idzham recommended the Alun-Alun spa so we went to check it out
Foot scrub, refreshing bath and aromatherapy massage. Good price for good service
The next day it was time to leave Langkawi. Thank you for a good time, good island. Will definitely be back soon...


  1. Hey Nadia, i wondering where have you been missing these days..i noticed you went missing during the road trip..then i heard you left fly fm..what happened?

  2. hey! i'm also wondering about the same thing! what happened la nadia? u stopped halfway thru the bucket list then hilang. i pun stop listening coz i can't hear u on the radio anymore!

  3. nadia why u left suddenly? i dont like jules..she likes to shout.

  4. hi.. love reading your posting.. hmm just sharing with you on the half cut on one ear kitty, they(vet) do that to mark a spayed stray cat.. maybe you can write a post on that later.. thanks for writing..