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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How's it been?

It's been so long since I've updated this space. And I have soooo much to share! First of all, here is the simplest chicken broth you can cook at home, especially if it is a cold day and you are looking for something warm and yum yum.
Buy an old cucumber. You can find them at the market or a supermarket

Add a cube of chicken stock into a pot of boiling water. You can add more for stronger flavour
Cut your old cucumber like this and remove the seeds in the middle like you would a normal cucumber
Clean one chicken carcass or chicken thigh, depends on which you prefer and drop it into the boiling broth
Drop in the chopped old cucumber
These dried red dates can be found at any Chinese herbal shops. Most supermarkets sell them too. They add a wonderful sweet flavour to your broth. Drop them in as well.
I have no idea what this is called, it is similar to the dried red dates, except much smaller in size. Can also be found in Chinese herbal shops and supermarkets. Drop some in as well.
This is optional. If you like, you can drop in two tablespoons of abalone scallop sauce. If you do not have it, you can also do without. But of course having it adds a different dimension of flavour to your broth.
Leave your broth to boil until the old cucumber pieces become slightly transparent.
 And then you are ready to sip your broth. You can have it with rice or alone, it is completely up to you. Enjoy!

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