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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kerabu Bunga Betik

Many years ago when I was younger, my mom used to make kerabu bunga betik for our family potluck gatherings. It was always there and I loved the mixed flavours of the pungent onions, salty udang kering and most of all the slight bitterness of the bunga betik. 
It was the most delicious thing to eat with rice. Unfortunately, slowly but surely Mama stopped making this kerabu. Bunga betik is difficult to find. 
For years now I have been yearning to have this kerabu again but nobody has seen any bunga betik anywhere. I asked all my Aunts and Uncles, I scoured markets, googled online but bunga betik was never to be seen again.
And then suddenly, out of the blue, it happened.
Last week I went to the market and one lady was selling BUNGA BETIK!!! I immediately scooped up all the bunga betik she had and called Mama for the recipe. 
It turned out exactly like I remember. Best feeling ever.
For those of you who requested for the recipe on instagram, here it is:

Udang kering (almost the same amount as your bunga betik)
Bunga betik

First, boil the bunga betik to remove the bitterness. I boiled for about fifteen minutes. You can do it longer or for less time, it is up to you really. After that, drain the hot water and dry out the flowers till they are completely dry.

Next, rinse the udang kering and blend it dry till it's really fine.

Slice the shallots finely.

Mix everything together and squeeze one or two limes, depending on how much bunga betik you have. 


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Beware Of This Scam

A friend told me this story today and it sounded mighty scary. Recently my friend received a call from the number +1300881222 claiming to be TM. They told my friend that he owed RM3800 in unpaid bills to Unifi. 

My friend does not even own a Unifi account. But the "officer" had all his details, from his full name to his IC number. So my friend told him that all the details were correct but he is sure that he does not owe Unifi RM3800.

The the "officer" on the line advised him to call Bank Negara at the number 03-2788 5046 or 03-2788 5038. Not thinking much of it, my friend called one of the numbers and the answering machine sounded legit. He chose the option to speak to an officer. 

The officer asked for all his details, including how many active bank accounts he has plus how much balance he has in each account. The "officer" then told my friend that they would call him back within an hour and that his case would be sent to court. He was also told not to make any bank transactions within the next three days.

Due to the suspicious nature of the "officer's" questions, my friend decided to call TM and Bank Negara after that. However both offices were not operating as it was a Sunday. So he did the next best thing, he googled the number +1300881222 and all kinds of blogs appeared, warning people not to answer calls from said number.

My friend then proceeded to redial the number only to find an Indonesian man on the other end of the line. He quickly called his banks and froze all his accounts. 

Beware. There are a lot of phone scams going around. Keep this number in your phonebook so you know what to do in case you receive a call from them. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thule Bike Battles

Last month I was involved in a shoot for Thule Bike Battles. It was a whole day challenge for cyclists. And when I say cyclists, I'm talking about pro cyclists from all around Malaysia.
From national cyclists to people who have cycled all around Malaysia, to people who have won a segment of the Le Tour De Langkawi, these people have achieved impressive things as far as cycling is concerned. 
The first episode is up on youtube and I hope you can join in the fun. Don't be shy to subscribe! 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Warning: This Post Is Dedicated To Hemsy

Chris Hemsworth. A man who appeared out of nowhere (actually he is a pretty established actor in Australia) and charmed our hearts playing the God of Thunder. 

I giggled when I typed the God of Thunder. Don't now why. Maybe because he's so sexy.

So this wonderful, gorgeous, smoldering actor was in KL a few weeks back. And boy was he here long. About five to six weeks in total. 

The day photos of him arriving in KLIA emerged, I wanted to meet him so badly. I wanted to tell him what a good actor I think he is and that I want to see him in more dramatic roles and no more Thor. I wanted to tell him that my girlfriends printed out a life size cardboard photo of him for my birthday. 

My boyfriend hates this cardboard

I wanted to tell him that I have been waiting to watch Rush for the past one year. I wanted to tell him that I have seen him in everything he has been in. I. Wanted. To. Meet. Hemsy.

But nobody knew where he was half the time. Not too long after, Guibo (from Fly fm) got in touch with me, asking for details. I just said I know he is here to shoot a new movie called Cyber and I know he is supposed to shoot in Perak and KL among other places. But that was all I knew.

So Guibo and Zher took to the airwaves, asking people to help them stalk Hemsy. One day, a friend of mine sent me a photo of her friend with Chris Hemsworth. They were dining in a hotel when they bumped into him and his daughter. I almost died.

But that was the first solid info I had on where he was staying. Grand Hyatt KL. So I told somebody who told somebody and soon Guibo and Zher heard about it and they went to Grand Hyatt, had expensive coffee and stalked him.

They met him.
Guibo got a high five
And so did Zher

I was beyond jealous. A few days later, my TV co-host Baki went to Grand Hyatt for CN Blue's press conference. As he was waiting for his car at the jockey, Chris Hemsworth walked out and bumped into him.
Taken from instagram

When Baki called me to tell me what had happened, I yelled at him. He did not deserve it but he enjoyed it. I think. So I went to Grand Hyatt the next day. Sat at the lobby with my girlfriend, Shannaz. We waited and waited and waited until we heard Chris was actually in PJ, shooting.

Photos popped up online of the shooting location and hundreds of people were hanging around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the God of Thunder. I gave up. Went home and forgot all about it.

Anyway, I watched Rush recently, thanks to TGV Cinemas for inviting me to the premiere. It's the best thing I've seen him in so far. His first dramatic role. I expected it to be a good movie since Ron Howard directed it so no surprise there. Go watch it. The movie will teach you a thing or two about friendship and chasing your dreams.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Online Shopaholic

Hi my name is Nadia and I am an online shopaholic. 

Truth be told, I had never bought anything online up till Ramadhan this year. My girlfriends and I were discussing baju raya and I rarely buy anything new for Raya. Most years, Mama would give me something she's tired of and I would be more than happy to don it come Raya morning. 

And then second day Raya I would just put on whatever old baju kurung or kebaya I could find in my room. But this year was different. As mentioned in my earlier post, I have recently reconnected with my girlfriends. So when they started talking about their gorgeous new outfits for Raya, I felt the desperate need to fit in.

So at age 31, I succumbed to peer pressure. I logged on to Zalora and browsed through Rizalman's collection. Choosing Zalora came naturally because I have worked closely with them a few times in the past and I trust their collections' quality. 

Being the easy shopper that I am, I found something I liked within fifteen minutes, ordered it and shook my legs, overcome by nervousness. I had popped my online shopping cherry. 

The very next day, my box arrived. 

And at that moment, I knew I was in trouble. It was so incredibly convenient, I wanted more. So I went back online and browsed for another outfit to be worn on second day Raya. Within ten minutes, I had my eyes set on an orange outfit. 

But this time I did not order it. I put it in my wishlist and thought about it day and night for the next three days. 

I would not call myself an impulse buyer but I always go shopping knowing what I want. I go in, I pick it up (sometimes I don't even bother trying it on) and I pay. I don't enjoy hanging around the store, trying five to ten outfits and walking out empty handed. And I don't go window shopping because I cannot stand the disappointment of coming home empty handed. 

So this was tricky. I had gone window shopping online. And I was empty handed for three days. Should I? 

And then one of my girlfriends said she had ordered two RIzalman for Zalora outfits. I succumbed to peer pressure. Again. Opened my laptop, ordered the orange outfit and quietly waited for it the next day. 

First day Raya outfit
Second day Raya outfit

I stayed away from Zalora for a few months after that. My inner online shopaholic was satisfied. Up till a few days ago when I went to watch Rush at the cinema. 
Oooo hallo there sexy man

The dresses, jumpsuits, scarves, wedges from the 70's "inspired" me to go online again. This time I have a much longer list and Zalora alone was not enough. So I opened Fashion Valet as well. And Asos. Asos is silly and expensive but I must have a jumpsuit. I must look like that girl in yellow standing next to Chris Hemsworth. I must!

Now I have wishlists on all three websites. Lets see how long I can hold out this time. I love/hate you online shopping websites. You all suck. Thank you. Bye.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Hope Is A Wonderful Thing

I know I know, I'm a lazy blogger and I apologize. A lot has happened so far. From meetings to events to weddings to reconnecting with friends to gaming to cooking to (unsuccessfully) stalking Chris Hemsworth. I have not been busy, I have just been really lazy hehe.

I apologize. I have not given up on blogging and I will try harder. Lets start with this. I have a childhood friend whom I have recently reconnected with. 

Basically, for the past four years, I have not seen much of my school friends. I have no valid excuse for this except that I was going through some things. Nothing to do with them, it was just me sorting out things in my life. 

Okay enough with the sob story, as I was saying, I have recently reconnected with a childhood friend who goes by the name of Zaida. 
She's second from right. Yeah sorry I don't have a photo of her alone

Zaida's married to Le'an and they have a gorgeous daughter together, Lana. Seriously, I'm not saying Lana's gorgeous cause she's my friends' daughter. The girl is actually really gorgeous.
Err this is the best photo I have of the cute tot, Lana. Tengah kemas pelamin orang kawin.
At Raya, I attended Zaida's open house and hung out with Zaida, Le'an, Lana and the rest of the gang and everything was fine and dandy.
That's Le'an sitting next to me. Yeah we're all social morons.
And then a few weeks after Raya, unbelievable news hit us. That whole time we were all hanging out and joking around, Le'an had actually been diagnosed with stage four malignant thymoma. Yes, that would be lung cancer. Yes, at that age. Yes, we had no idea.

It was beyond belief how well Zaida and Le'an concealed their emotions. Zaida had opted not to discuss the whole thing with anybody (for her own reasons) and Le'an only told a select few. Soon enough the news spread and most of us tried our best to reach out (in our own ways).

We heard that Le'an had started chemotherapy but we did not know how he was really doing up till about a week ago when his right lung became filled with fluid and he was hospitalized. Doctors have been pumping out the fluid every day and they also decided to lower the doses of chemo due to complications.

At this point, I had decided to be there for Le'an and Zaida the only way I knew how. I started whatssaping him every day with funny stories of what has been going on within our circle. If only you could read our messages, you would not believe Le'an is suffering the way that he is. The man is full of life, full of jokes, full of hope and full of optimism.

And then a few days ago, they had decided on trying out an alternative treatment called Sevo Repa Germanium (SRG) but realized the cost is beyond their means. Not too long after, a bunch of friends got together and started collecting donations.

I posted a photo of their happy family on instagram and shared their story. I ended my post with bank details on how people can help. Another friend of mine did the same and by the end of today, we heard that almost RM7000 has been collected from friends and strangers.

Strangers. These are people with everyday problems of their own, families of their own and yet they found time to transfer money to a complete stranger in need.

I admit, what with the ridiculous stories of crime and mean things people are doing to each other these days, I never expected strangers to actually reach out the way they have today. But miracles do happen and today is a testament to that.

There is always hope. Never listen to those who say hope is an excuse for temporary happiness.

I saw Le'an at the hospital today and he is growing weary of being strapped to a bed for more than a week now. Chemo day in day out. Pumping fluid day in day out. No TV, only a laptop. No walking around outside. No sun, no clouds, no moon. Yet this man has no complains.

At about 1pm today he was in the middle of chemo and when I whatssaped him tonight, he was still in chemo. It is a terrible thing yet this strong couple can see so much beauty still.

Never give up on hope.

If you would like to contribute, donations can be made to Zaida's sister's account.

Maybank Joint Account
Nurul Suhaida binti Badarudin

Prayers would be much appreciated as well. Thank you all for taking time to read this post.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Creamy Egg Salad

Hey hey so the weekend's around the corner and you probably have time to whip something quick in the kitchen. Here's something that only takes 10 minutes. 
I sometimes make this creamy egg salad as a sandwich or mixed with potatoes to make a potato salad. This time around, I made it as a quick snack to be eaten with chopped celery. 

Two Eggs

First, boil the eggs between ten to twelve minutes, depending on the size of the eggs. 
Next, peel the eggs and leave to cool for about one minute. 
Once they have cooled down, mash the eggs. Add in two to three scoops of mayonnaise. You can add more if you want it creamier. Season with salt and pepper and you are done! Chop the celery and eat together with egg salad.
Have an egg-cellent weekend.