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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Clothes Folder!

Recently I followed my Mama to Putrajaya to settle a home loan thing. And there was a bazaar outside the Kementerian Perumahan building. Vendors were selling everything from robes to hijabs to kitchenware. And then I came across this guy who was folding clothes using a plastic board.

I had seen this once before on an infomercial in New Zealand and had wanted it for the longest time. Now I know a lot of you have learnt a simple way of folding clothes on youtube but this is something I could easily teach Mama. Not another technique on folding clothes, just a contraption to help her do it easily while keeping it neat. 
As I guessed, she loved it and is still using it today. Now if you are wondering where this bazaar was so you could buy one yourself, I have news, this bazaars move from one government office to another every month. 
So here is a better alternative. The vendor told me that he opens his booth every other Sunday at The Curve's bazaar. He tries to be there most Sundays so that is the best place for you to go hunt for him okay? Good luck! 


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