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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Manicure Anyone?

Girls, this post is dedicated to you. My most favourite mani/pedi place in KL is Boudoir by Soong Ai Ling in Bangsar Village II. Yes, Soong Ai Ling is the famous Model and TV Host from the 90's. 
Soong Ai Ling
In fact she is always around when I visit. Still as beautiful as before. Some people, I tell ya. Hehehe. Anyway, what sets Boudoir apart from the other mani/pedi parlours is the whole setup itself.
The decor is of the 1940's Chinese era. Exquisite sofa chairs await you as you walk in past the macaroons display. Oh and the macaroons. How I love the passion fruit macaroons.
I always ask for the same mani/pedi treatment. They will bring me a brass bowl with flowers floating on the water to soak my hands in while they work on my feet

The moment you walk into Boudoir, your hands and feet are in the care of professionals, so get yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, or wine and just chillax.
A cup of chamomile tea is my usual choice

Look out for the hot pillows to ease your back and neck while you check out the latest gossip magazine. The prices in Boudoir range from RM35 - RM350 depending on what you ask for. But trust me, as long as you tell your therapist exactly what you want, you will get your penny's worth.
Perhaps we will bump into each other at Boudoir on my next visit, who knows?
Oooh and look out for their gorgeous Christmas tree while you are there!

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