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Friday, 28 January 2011

I burnt myself

If you have been listening to the Pagi Show and watching 8TV Nite Live, you have probably heard that I burnt myself. My water heater is broken and I have been boiling water using the kettle and mixing it with cold water in the pail. 
Last Saturday, I poured hot water into two pails and did not mix one of it. Absent-mindedly, I scooped the boiling hot water and splashed it on myself. Needless to say, I burnt my skin, screamed and cried. I went straight to the clinic and although the doctor's cream helped, part of my skin stuck to my tank top's strap.
It has been one week and now the entire area is pealing like as if I had been sun burnt. Check this out...
Just above my armpit
The black line is where my tank top got stuck to the skin
 And this was not the first time I have burnt myself! Last time, I left my hair iron on and placed it on the bed. I absent-mindedly sat on the iron and totally burnt my right butt cheek. I have the scar until this very day. 
I suppose the advice is, be careful? I don't know. You tell me.

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