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Friday, 4 February 2011


Have you ever been in a situation where you mean well but it comes out all wrong and you end up in an unnecessary argument? A fight broke out between me and a married couple on Facebook today.
I am on Facebook to make friends and to meet Fly FM listeners and of course it is also part of my job to reach out to people who listen to the Pagi Show in the morning. However, some people get on Facebook to sell products. Now I am sure they mean well and they are probably out to make some extra income on the side but you have to agree with me, it is mighty annoying when they tag you in photos of their products.
As a result, I always get messages from interested parties who think I am out to promote these products. I keep writing on my status, please do not tag me in such photos anymore.
Yet, new people will appear and it is a vicious cycle. They tag me in photos of clothings, health products, events, CDs, handphones, and most recently even a car! A car! I could not believe my eyes!
So last week, a lady tagged me (along with a few others) in a photo of a shawl. I could not take it anymore. I wrote this nasty comment in return : "toloooong la jangan pakai i untuk buat business. i tak berminat nak beli apa-apa kat facebook ni k. dah berpuluh kali tulis kat status tapi ada lagi yang tak faham bahasa. pakai la linked in kalau bebetul nak buat business. faham tak!!!!"
Soon after, I received a private message from the seller saying she was sorry for the inconvenience. At the same time, I also received a loooooong private message from her husband who thought my comment was uncalled for and a public figure like myself should not say things like that, especially in public.
Number one, people always tend to forget, apart from my job, I am a normal everyday girl with normal everyday feelings and thoughts. If I like something, I will say it. Likewise, if I really dislike something, I will voice it out. I know my comment was nasty and she did not like the fact that her potential customers saw what I had to say.
Unfortunately, they forgot the fact that I am also suffering on my end due to their actions. Did they think of me before tagging me in that photo? I am sure they did not. And did he think of me before telling me off over telling his wife off? Nope.
He went as far as to say that his poor wife was just looking for extra income to feed their children. And that irritated me even more.
I may have a job that most people envy but at the end of the day, I went through a whole load of hardships to get where I am today. And as far as the job goes, it is just another job, same like what you have, except I do not work in an office, I work in a studio. I also work behind a table and I finish eight hours a day and I wake up before 5am every morning. 
I also have to find my way for extra income outside to make myself useful in this industry. I do not ONLY depend on a paycheck at the end of the month. He obviously thinks being a radio announcer is a glamorous job where people adore you and at the end of the day you drive home in a Ferrari.
I am sorry to disappoint but it is hard work, ask any radio announcer and they will tell you the same thing. 
Anyway, the fight is totally unnecessary and I hope not to be tagged in such photos anymore. However, just as swift as everything happened between me and the couple, I got tagged in yet another photo from a person looking to sell flowers online.
For those of you who are serious about starting a business online, I strongly recommend Linked In. Get all your friends to join it and start your business. It works just like Facebook, only that you use it for selling and buying products/services. Look it up and please stop irritating people. Thank you.


  1. You go Nadia! I also hate people tagging me with their products.

  2. You've been tagged!!!!! Haha.Ok joking. Tade kerja nak irritate you even more.
    I get you. And to me, it's totally OK to blog about it. Normal people, with normal feeling. Public figure bukannya statue figure kan. Duhh la..
    p/s- kalau wujud la pkataan statue figure tu. ;p

  3. Well actually I think this tagging thing is quite common ; even I've received some recently. I just normally untag or in the easier way, block them. :)

  4. tagging for biz is annoying
    tagging ppl on unnecessary apps is double annoying

  5. Public figure isnt a heartless robot . It is irritating when they tag you , and thanks to the new facebook , we dont get tonnes of notification anymore . They should find another way to get customer .

  6. U were being human, screw them. Its like, ppl open ur gate, went into ur compound & u just supposed to sit & watch. Hell No. Xtra bisnes, x extra bisnes..i tot u can select to allow ppl to tag u or not? But i do untag these clowns..

  7. just ignore them...bgs wat cmtu..br fhm sket..

  8. Agreeeeed la Nadia!! Memang annoying gilah when people tagged us on their product! I use to sell scarf jugak tapi takder tag2 orang sebab diri sendiri pun rasa agitate wall orang.

    ignore and remove them from ur list oke =))

    nice blog =)

    oohhh!! thanks Nadia every morning u entertain i pergi kejer! muahxoxoxooo

    Me & him,..Maybe u tak ♥ i

  9. Nadia: agree with u..many people do that to us as their promotion tools..geram je kan..

    anyway, thanks for the Pagi Show with Ben..I love that ^_^