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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Road Punks

Today a Honda driver tailgated us in a housing area. He finally overtook us dangerously and almost knocked an oncoming motorbike. We honked but he just drove off angrily. He did not drive very far ahead of us because again, it was a housing area. 

Finally, when he reached the front gate of his big bungalow, we honked at him again and he honked back wildly. He finally drove out of his driveway and gave chase. When we rolled our window down, he screamed "Oi, tak tau potong ka?" 

 His girlfriend/wife who was sitting next to him looked so embarrassed by his behaviour. When we got out of our car, he sped off faster than lightning. 

First things first, you do not pick a fight with a stranger right in front of your house. What if we were a bunch of thugs who would come back at night and harm his family? Just because you have a security guard at your gate does not mean you are entirely safe. 

Secondly, I have encountered this driver a number of times and he is always trying to run people over with his so called luxury car. In fact, having money does not buy you a pass to a act like a jerk. Humility takes you a long way. 


  1. why la u always get bullied by crazy driver with big car especially?

  2. nadia!!! i love the pagi show soo mcuh especially u and ben! so adorable lagi2 when u guys fight over different opinion!hehe.anyway do stop by blog and blogshop :)