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Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Cats

I have had cats for as long as I could remember. They came from relatives' cats, from SPCA, rescued from roadsides. All kinds of cats have stayed with me. I do not have all of their photos with me right now but here are the current ones.
Jules rescued this handsome boy from pneumonia (she found him in the rain by a roadside). I adopted him and named him Ray Gringo. He has been with me close to a year now =)

Ray got lonely after awhile so I got him a friend, Pebble. I got Pebble through a Twitter friend. His cat gave birth to three wonderful kittens but unfortunately he could not keep them. So I took Pebble while her two brothers went to another person.

Back home in Nilai where my parents live, we have two cats. This is Vito Corleone. His mummy was my Grandma's cat, Mei Mei. Mei Mei died earlier this year due to old age but Vito is still going strong and bringing back frogs and rats whenever he can.
This is Gabby, also from my parents home in Nilai. Gabby's mummy is also Mei Mei but she had a different father. Gabby is slightly older than Vito. 
Last but not least, our neighbour in Nilai has four Persian cats and they love to come to our house. One of them even thinks our house is HIS! His owners call him Kitty (do not ask me why) but we call him Tyrannus. He is so huggable and he does not mind being squeezed.
I will try to upload more feline photos (as soon as I find them), in the meantime, enjoy the ones here!


  1. why u look a bit stressful while you're sleeping... ;P

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  3. awww Nadia!
    they are so so so cute and hugable <3

  4. i lupa la..yg mana satu eh yg sakit hari tuh...

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  6. Nadia, are your cats neutered?