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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What's up with the HEAT?!

Is it me or has it been super hot lately? If this was somewhere NOT Malaysia, we'd all be prancing around in our tiny polka dot bikinis and super sexy hot pants (put aside our bodily insecurities). 
Speaking of which, the tummy is a total bi*ch to take care of as you get older. I have always been skinny all my life and I took for granted the fact that I could eat and eat and eat and not put on any weight.
Turning twenty-eight this year has opened my eyes to new and unfortunately, unfriendly situations like putting on weight and a rapidly growing waistline. What on earth is up with that anyway? Your top and bottom grows at a nice slow speed and you start to get compliments from girlfriends who think you are starting to look sexier but then your stomach balloons up like it's you were carrying twins.
I've started some interesting stomach exercises of late and I must say, the results are encouraging.
I could not find a lady photo of this yoga move but it works just the same. Keep doing this while you slowly inhale and exhale. Do it till your stomach feels hot and stretched. Repeat this once a day for a month and you will start to feel the muscles in  your stomach tighten. I have completed one week of this and I highly recommend it. Good luck (if you need it)!

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