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Thursday, 21 October 2010


I could not sleep at all last night, not sure why. Was it the heat? Perhaps the supernatural forces were telling me to stay awake? Who knows. What matters is that when I got in to work this morning, I saw a bunch of photos that woke me up faster than coffee. 

GQ Magazine is being scrutinized for a bunch of racy photos of the cast of Glee. I've got some of them here so you can judge for yourself.
Ooooh Finn you so sexiiiii

Critics are saying that the photos are provoking and creepy and encourages paedophilia behaviour.  
I don't see what is so creepy and paedophilia like about these photos though, mainly because these actors are way beyond the age of 20. 
Indecent, maybe
Remember, they are 16 on TV. I do not see anything bad with the photos apart from the fact that we are just encouraging the dirty male mind.

I would be kidding myself if I said these photos did not amuse me a wee bit. Tell me your thoughts...


  1. This post not to be read so early in the morning. ;p

  2. This is sure keeps me awake in the morning. LOL. I never read GQ mag, so I'll assume that this magazine love to have this kind of photos in their mag. huk3...

  3. Eekkhh.. Can't believe Michele/Rachel would do that kind of pose.. Meh, it's not like she's my favourite in Glee xD

  4. lol aidil, u like it dont u? coco moo me neither, i love quinn, she's so pretty! pearl kaz, i pun tak pernah baca gq. dint know they hv such steamy photos!

  5. The photos kinda made rachel looks slutty and dirty. that's it. Hot body though. GOD i envy her body..shish! quinn and and finn..normal pose jek...not much difference with other young actor/actresses...

  6. agreed with eDa. n i think Rachel should try posing for playboy magazine. haha

    lucky finn. both b*tts r on his hands. lol