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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shout Awards 2010

Last year's Shout Awards was highly successful and everybody partied like there was no tomorrow. So much so that Xpax has come on board one more time as the main sponsor. I attended the Press Conference yesterday. It was a star studded event. From sightings of Yuna to Mizz Nina to Jac Victor and Afdlin Shauki, everybody came out to play.
Ben and I for our so called power shot
Fly FM's Pagi Show
Nominations are out and it is now your job to vote for your favourite star/TV show/movie/radio announcer/radio show etc. 

Log on to www.shoutawards.com.my now!
Remember this girl? Jules hosted the press conference
Prem, Henry Golding and I

From left - obnoxious Fly FM Programme Manager Adam Zain, Jay (from TV3 & Hot FM), Jules, Fara Fauzana and I
From left - Fly FM Newsreader Laila, Prem and I


  1. good luck for pg show...tmrw start vote k

  2. hey nadia.. I didn't know you have a personal blog.. LOL anyway its good.. God blessed.. I wish pagi show gets it yo...