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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hollywood Stars!

For the first time in my life I had won a contest! One fine night while watching the CI channel, I caught an advertisement about a contest to win meet and greet passes to meet Kurtwood Smith and Omar Epps. In case these names are not too familiar, Kurtwood Smith is the guy who played Red Forman on That 70's Show. Yeah, Eric Forman's fierce father who was always threatening to put his foot up everybody's ass.

Meanwhile, you may remember Omar Epps as Dr Eric Foreman in House M.D. (Funny how Red's son was also Eric Forman in That 70's Show). So I thought, hey how neat would it be to meet Red Foreman, right? He's no Keanu but I still grew up watching him on TV and he gave me a lot of laughs over the years.
Both men now star in a brand new TV Show called Resurrection. The show is about an old man (Kurtwood Smith) who lost his son in an accident about thirty-two years ago and suddenly one fine day, an FBI Agent (Omar Epps) turns up at his doorstep with his lost son, still a child, not having aged a day over the past thirty-two years. 
This show has already made its debut in the States and ratings are encouraging. So this contest was basically Lifetime Asia's effort to introduce would be fans 

Mak tak pernah menang apa-apa contest in my life, nok. So I was not very optimistic but I tried anyway. All I had to do was answer a simple question and finish the sentence "I would like to meet Kurtwood Smith and Omar Epps because..."
So anyways the dinner cum meet and greet was last night. I wore my best outfit, best shoes, carried my best clutch and got myself over to Aloft. I bumped into an old colleague, Aimi over there and we took a selfie, hoping to win the selfie contest while waiting for the actual meet and greet session.
The criteria to win the selfie contest was to make your selfie unique so we picked our noses. Unfortunately we did not win. Haih. Penat korek hidung tapi tak berhasil. 
Finally the meet and greet session started and I lined up nervously. I had so many things I wanted to say to the both of them but time was not on my side. When it was my turn, all I managed to stir up was, "Hi Red Foreman. Hi Eric Forman." To which, Kurtwood Smith replied "We are the Foremans!" Lol. Omar was not as amused. He seemed thoroughly exhausted. He just gave me a tiny smile.
I met an old friend, Devi Da Lil Devil (I don't know why she calls herself that, she is the exact opposite of the devil) while lining up and she helped take the photos for me. Thank you, love!
Ooops not quite ready...
And here we go, my muka jakun plus super shiny forehead. Yay! Achievement unlocked! If there was only one thing I could complain about, it would be that Omar probably needs to go shopping. That shirt... oh gurrrrl, I don't think so snap! Snap!
At the end of the night, I took a full photo of my outfit of the day, just to show you the dress I picked out especially for the event.
This dress is from River Island. I purchased it through Zalora after seeing photos of Nadine Ann Thomas (yes she was previously Miss Universe Malaysia) wearing it to an event. I thought to myself "Omaigawsh I want to look like Miss Universe, like totally". 
I love River Island, the cut fits me like a glove. Will show you a few more River Island pieces that I have, next time.
Ohhhh and if you are wondering what is the outcome of my cupping the other day, well, I still have the bruises but the pain has worn off. My back feels lighter and the nagging pain I had just above my buttocks has disappeared. I will definitely go for another session next month.