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Friday, 2 May 2014


I think you probably know that I wore braces for a brief period awhile back. I have had overlapping teeth ever since all my baby teeth fell off and have always wanted to wear braces. I used to pray I would one day have perfect teeth like Jessica Alba (muka macam Rosnah Mat Aris tapi angan nak rupa Mak Alba) Unfortunately at the time, my parents could not afford braces for me and the government dentist had a five year waiting list. 
So I waited until I was about twenty eight years old and could afford it myself and I got it done. Many people who are considering braces have asked me a lot of questions on whether or not they should get braces. Here are some frequently asked questions, along with my answers.

1) Are braces expensive?
It depends on where you get it done and what type of braces you opt for. I took the Damon Braces which self aligns without the use of rubber bands. Therefore if you see a person wearing braces without those coloured rubber bands, there is a good chance the person is using Damon's. Now Damon Braces are not cheap mainly because they work faster than normal braces. Speak to your dentist and he/she will make the best recommendation for you. My whole package cost RM7000 (not including retainers). There are many dental clinics that offer much cheaper packages. 

2) Will I have to remove teeth to wear braces?
Some people do, some people do not have to. I had to remove four teeth. The removal was not painful however the injecting of local anesthetic was uncomfortable. 

3) Does wearing braces hurt?
I have found that different people have different experiences. In the first week, I had to use dental wax because my mouth was filled with ulcers. These ulcers were the result of cuts caused by the braces. Once your mouth is used to the braces, you will stop getting cuts and ulcers. Apart from that, every once a month, you have to go to the dentist to tighten your braces. After each tightening, I was not able to eat solid food as I could not chew. Porridge and mashed potatoes became my best friend. But this would only last between three to four days.

4) Why does your face look different now that the braces have come off?
I was told that braces not only straightens out your teeth but they also enhance your facial features. I dismissed the "enhanced facial features" part at first but later found it to be true. My chin is now sharper and my jaw is more refined. 

5) Do I have to use retainers?
I had to use retainers twenty four hours a day for the first six months. And only at night after that. There are also many different types of retainers that come at different prices. Again, speak to your dentist for a more detailed explanation. 

I am really happy I got the whole thing done. It did wonders for my confidence. So if you ask me Should I get braces? I would say, definitely (if you need it. Those who were born with perfect teeth, I am jealous of you. K thanks bye)
On the day I got my braces removed, my dentist showed me my before and after pictures. However he did not want to email it to me (pahhh), so I just took shots of the pictures of his pc monitor. 
On the left are my top row teeth, top photo before, below photo after braces. Right side are my bottom row teeth, top photo before, below photo after braces.
Braces selfie (with my 8TV co host Moe)
After braces selfie yay!


  1. Wahhh...ak rasa mcm da lama je ko pakai braces ni? Tp seriusla gigi ko cantik tersusun rapi. Congrats !!!

  2. How many years did u wear it?

  3. Eva, i wore it for 2 n a half years. Supposed to be 1 and a half to 2 years. But my teeth took really long to move

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