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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Beware Of This Scam

A friend told me this story today and it sounded mighty scary. Recently my friend received a call from the number +1300881222 claiming to be TM. They told my friend that he owed RM3800 in unpaid bills to Unifi. 

My friend does not even own a Unifi account. But the "officer" had all his details, from his full name to his IC number. So my friend told him that all the details were correct but he is sure that he does not owe Unifi RM3800.

The the "officer" on the line advised him to call Bank Negara at the number 03-2788 5046 or 03-2788 5038. Not thinking much of it, my friend called one of the numbers and the answering machine sounded legit. He chose the option to speak to an officer. 

The officer asked for all his details, including how many active bank accounts he has plus how much balance he has in each account. The "officer" then told my friend that they would call him back within an hour and that his case would be sent to court. He was also told not to make any bank transactions within the next three days.

Due to the suspicious nature of the "officer's" questions, my friend decided to call TM and Bank Negara after that. However both offices were not operating as it was a Sunday. So he did the next best thing, he googled the number +1300881222 and all kinds of blogs appeared, warning people not to answer calls from said number.

My friend then proceeded to redial the number only to find an Indonesian man on the other end of the line. He quickly called his banks and froze all his accounts. 

Beware. There are a lot of phone scams going around. Keep this number in your phonebook so you know what to do in case you receive a call from them. 


  1. i received it and eventually i'm a TM staff...when i asked the person what is his id, name and team leader and also what kind of portal he reffering to he couldn't answer...hahha

  2. Thanks Nadia for sharing this to us. :)