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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Warning: This Post Is Dedicated To Hemsy

Chris Hemsworth. A man who appeared out of nowhere (actually he is a pretty established actor in Australia) and charmed our hearts playing the God of Thunder. 

I giggled when I typed the God of Thunder. Don't now why. Maybe because he's so sexy.

So this wonderful, gorgeous, smoldering actor was in KL a few weeks back. And boy was he here long. About five to six weeks in total. 

The day photos of him arriving in KLIA emerged, I wanted to meet him so badly. I wanted to tell him what a good actor I think he is and that I want to see him in more dramatic roles and no more Thor. I wanted to tell him that my girlfriends printed out a life size cardboard photo of him for my birthday. 

My boyfriend hates this cardboard

I wanted to tell him that I have been waiting to watch Rush for the past one year. I wanted to tell him that I have seen him in everything he has been in. I. Wanted. To. Meet. Hemsy.

But nobody knew where he was half the time. Not too long after, Guibo (from Fly fm) got in touch with me, asking for details. I just said I know he is here to shoot a new movie called Cyber and I know he is supposed to shoot in Perak and KL among other places. But that was all I knew.

So Guibo and Zher took to the airwaves, asking people to help them stalk Hemsy. One day, a friend of mine sent me a photo of her friend with Chris Hemsworth. They were dining in a hotel when they bumped into him and his daughter. I almost died.

But that was the first solid info I had on where he was staying. Grand Hyatt KL. So I told somebody who told somebody and soon Guibo and Zher heard about it and they went to Grand Hyatt, had expensive coffee and stalked him.

They met him.
Guibo got a high five
And so did Zher

I was beyond jealous. A few days later, my TV co-host Baki went to Grand Hyatt for CN Blue's press conference. As he was waiting for his car at the jockey, Chris Hemsworth walked out and bumped into him.
Taken from instagram

When Baki called me to tell me what had happened, I yelled at him. He did not deserve it but he enjoyed it. I think. So I went to Grand Hyatt the next day. Sat at the lobby with my girlfriend, Shannaz. We waited and waited and waited until we heard Chris was actually in PJ, shooting.

Photos popped up online of the shooting location and hundreds of people were hanging around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the God of Thunder. I gave up. Went home and forgot all about it.

Anyway, I watched Rush recently, thanks to TGV Cinemas for inviting me to the premiere. It's the best thing I've seen him in so far. His first dramatic role. I expected it to be a good movie since Ron Howard directed it so no surprise there. Go watch it. The movie will teach you a thing or two about friendship and chasing your dreams.

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