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Friday, 29 March 2013

Tiger Prawn Curry

I keep seeing tiger prawns at the market but have never actually bought them. They look so beautiful, I was not sure if you could cook them the same way you cook other type of prawns. As usual, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to try making tiger prawn curry.
And in case you are wondering, tiger prawns are not very expensive, they are pretty much in the same price range as normal prawns of the same size. 
I got this bunch for RM14.50/kg. Prices may vary depending on size. 
After you have cut off the sharp part on top of the prawns head, just rinse them and leave to dry.
Here are the ingredients you will need:
1 Medium onion
2 Cloves of garlic
 2 Stalks of curry leaves
1 Green chilli
Halba (fenugreek)
Biji sawi (mustard seeds)
(you can buy the ready mixed packets with jintan - fennel seeds instead) 
1 Tomato
2 Medium sized potatoes
Small lump of assam jawa
Sliced onions and garlic
3 stalks curry leaves
Use a pinch of halba (fenugreek)

A pinch of biji sawi (mustard seeds)
Fry the onions, garlic, halba, biji sawi, curry leaves and green chilli (I used a red chilli here because I forgot to buy green chilli hehe. Try and use green chilli okay, it definitely tastes better). Just stir it around till the aroma rises and the onions have softened. Don't let the ingredients brown.
Add water, sliced tomatoes and chopped potatoes. Leave it till the vegetables soften. Tambah garam secukup rasa cewah cewah.
In the meantime, briefly pan fry your prawns. Use only two tablespoons of oil and stir the prawns around till they turn red, about 75% cooked. Don't fully cook the prawns otherwise they will overcook when you put them in the curry.
 Back to the curry, drop in a packet or two of curry powder (depending on how thick you want your curry to turn out). Add your prawns, pour in one tablespoon assam jawa juice, stir it for about two minutes and then turn off the fire.
You are done! Get your sambal belacan on and feast. Good luck!

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