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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hating on K-pop?

As we all know, The Shout Awards 2012 took place on Friday and all your favourite celebrities came out to play. (I was seated at the same table as Amy Search and I wanted a photo with him so very badly but was way too shy to ask! Sigh)
It was an awesome event with loads of surprises, special performances and did you see the robot at the start of the show? I mean, did you see the robot? Absolutely mind blowing! 
Now to the matter at hand. With K-pop gaining a huge following here in Malaysia, it was only fitting that we had not one but two K-pop acts perform at The Shout Awards. Now, I understand that some people don't understand the big fascination with K-pop while others are willing to go as far as learn the Korean language, just to show their love and support for their favourite K-pop bands/artistes. 
Of course, with every big trend, there are also big skeptics. Examples range from Justin Bieber to the Hipster trend to the Gangnam Style dance. More often than not, skeptics have no real reason to deny these trends, yet they have a lot to say.
For instance, skeptics are known to tweet things like "Gangnam Style is the lamest thing I've ever seen." or "Justin Bieber is so annoying." or "Hipsters are wannabes." 
Yet Gangnam Style has become the most watched video in youtube history, Justin Bieber is laughing all the way to the bank, carrying along his truckloads of awards, and Hipsters are celebrating life and art and not the slightest bit affected by skeptics' hateful social media postings.
Same goes with K-pop. Skeptics have so much animosity for the vast K-pop trend and following that they are willing to post the most ridiculous things on Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately on Friday, skeptics took their hostility to a whole new level. They boo-ed and threw things at the two K-pop acts who performed on stage at The Shout Awards.
If you weren't there, don't believe what you hear. VIXX and Nu'est did not get hit by water bottles or other random objects thrown at them and the boos were not even loud enough to reach the stage. I was seated right next to the stage, I heard soft boo-ing but it wasn't detrimental to the point that these two acts will swear off Malaysia after this.
Having said that, the boo-ing and the throwing of paper fans (kipas kertas, not literally throwing K-pop fans) still should not have happened. K-pop fans who were at the venue were so upset as they were there from the beginning of the show and they were good sports with every local act that performed. They screamed, they cheered, they danced and they clapped. 
Basically these K-pop fans came to the show, endured the jam, stood in the rain so they could watch their two favourite acts live. Yet, they still supported all the other acts which they were not particular fans off. Why couldn't the others do the same for the K-pop fans? 
After all, it's a party. You come to have fun and enjoy the music and music is universal. So why act in an uncivilized manner? 
I admit, I am not a K-pop fanatic myself, however ever since I started hosting 8TV Nite Live, I have learnt to appreciate the K-pop trend and their die hard fans. If you say you don't understand their fascination with K-pop, I'm sure they also do not understand your fascination with Michael Jackson/Britney Spears/Guns n Roses/Justin Bieber and whoever else you used to or still love. 
All I can say is that, everybody has their own unique preference, be it music, food, fashion, art, or even cars. 
Respect their preference and they shall respect yours. 
Last but not least, don't try to make this K-pop issue a religious issue because it has absolutely nothing to do with religion or race. Don't be stupid. 
Thank you for reading. Spread love!


  1. Saya kesal dengan 1 kumpulan artis yg mendpt awards hari tu seolah-olah cube melaga-lagakan antara peminat~kesannya,sekarang peminat bergaduh antara satu sama lain..tapi saya x sangka bila ada yg boo artis K-pop tu~sekarang International fans dah tahu pasal ni..

    tapi ape-ape pun thanks kak nadia atas info ini

  2. the same thing happened during mtv world stage 2011 when Beast was performing on stage. the boo-ing, haters screaming offensive words such as "gay" & "bapuk" towards them was too much. i'm not a fan of them, I came for 30 Seconds To Mars, but I felt ashamed by our audience's attitude. seriously rude. and I never thought things gonna be the same during Shout Award 2012. thank you for sharing your thoughts.