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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yes, I Love Cats

I absolutely LOVE cats. I grew up in my late grandpa's house and he had about twenty cats and we loved all of them in every way possible. Naturally I grew up loving cats and always had at least two living with me at any one time. 
Having said that, I have a bunch of cat photos that I would love to share with youuuu...
This is my Gabby Bear. She has been living with my family for about seven years now
Ray Ray and Pebbles have been with me for about a year and a half now. They are best friends and have given birth to four beautiful kittens
Ray Ray loves sitting inside boxes and he has a white spot on his chest
One of Ray Ray and Pebble's kittens, Hachiko. My parents have adopted him along with his sister, Miss Pepperpotts
This is my neighbour's cat. I forgot her name but she is super manja. And every time I see her, she would be sporting a cute t-shirt
And finally this is Vito Corleone. He has been with my family for about six years now and he loves to drink from the toilet.


  1. Wow... You have cats with great names ^__^

  2. ray ray sama mcm kucing ai....heheheheh ada 'bow tie'