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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I was back at my parents' home in Nilai over the weekend and I decided to go through all my old stuff from under my bed. Check out what I found...
My bestie gave this to me for my birthday in 1995!
This is a photo of me and Mama, taken when I was six years old
Used to read this series all the time
My precious stamp collection from my secondary school days!
My old namecards (old phone number, chances are if you dial it, you will get a foreign worker living in Malaysia lol)
My most favourite coin out of my coin collection. Dated 1971, I initially found it at my babysitter's house
I found this vintage clutch too! I have no idea how it ended up under my bed


  1. Ooooo...Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Twins and Friends tu!! I always love the series! Dulu2 selalu pinjam kat library..I can finish up one novel in a day. Lepas tu esok pinjam lagi yang lain! Those were the days..heheheh :P

  2. Wow,there are many treasures under your bed! Heee :D
    Memories are for eternity!