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Monday, 30 January 2012

Burger Hunt

Recently we talked about going the distance to satisfy a craving, on air and so many people called talking about these amazing burger places which sent me on a hunt for the best burgers in the Klang Valley.
Number one, my all time favourite is Om Burger in Ampang (it is near ISKL, right in front of 7-11). I call it Burger Sampah for the messy look of the burger. 
I have driven all the way from Nilai to Damansara at midnight for the 8TV Nite Live show and later to Burger Om in Ampang after the show ended. I have done this twice with my brother, Chips (short for Cipan). 
Burger Om is known for being greasy and fatty... yummm
Who can resist this hot mess?!
Aweee yeaaaaaah
Next up, I was told of a burger place in Setapak called Zam Burger. Abang Zam sells burgers from his front porch and although a bit pricey, people say it is worth every penny. Abang Zam's speciality is his jumbo burgers.
If you go any later than nine at night, expect to miss the jumbo burgers. On my visit, I had a Chicken Chop burger but did not enjoy it. On the other hand, Aaron absolutely loved his Prime Beef burger. I had a bite and it was delicious without being messy or greasy. Certainly different from Om Burger but not necessarily better. Well, my opinion anyway.
I did not take any photos at Burger Zam, however, I do have the address right here. No. 26, Jalan 6/23B, Taman Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur. Just key the address into your GPS and it will take you there.
Last but not least, I heard about an African-American man who is now residing right here in Malaysia and started selling his American style grilled burgers at a Bazaar Ramadhan a few years ago and is now selling the famous home made patties at a restaurant in Melawati.
Guibo told me of Mustafa Jones but he did not have the exact location details so I checked with my most reliable friend, Google hehe.
After acquiring the address, Aaron and I ventured on to a land pretty much unknown to us, Taman Melawati. Once we found the place, we placed out orders (one cheeseburger and one tenderloin steak set), we went straight to the back where Mr Jones was busy grilling.
From sausages to tender steaks to cheeseburgers. He grills em all with American seasoning
Make sure you tell him how you want your steak done. Medium well is just perfect
As of the 1st of February, Mustafa Jones Burger will be moving to a new location, also in Melawati. Read the above flyer for details.
My super awesome Cheeseburger. Did I mention that Mr Jones makes his own patties?
Aaron's perfectly seasoned and perfectly tender tenderloin steak

All in all, my burger adventure was absolutely fulfilling. All three places are good in different ways. I highly recommend all three. Any questions, feel free to tweet me, http://twitter.com/NadiaFly


  1. You should try Bob's Burger (Burger Simpang 3) in AU5. The burger kambing is to die for. See review here: http://www.bangsarbabe.com/2011/10/burger-bobby-simpang-3-taman-lembah-keramat.html

  2. OMG!!! U wat I terliurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr okeh!!!
    Am so gonna look for it....

  3. shud try buger bakar wangsa maju oso....zam burger dah lama tak pegi..zaman mude mudi dulu suke la lepak sana

  4. Burger Om is the best! i called it burger dadah cos im addicted to it! lol :P