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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Celebrities galore

About a month back, I had the privilege of meeting Charice for a one on one interview. She is not only down to earth but really easy going and it made me feel like I was talking to a friend that I had known for many many years.

A few weeks after this meeting, we heard about the unfortunate incident that happened to Charice's father. May he rest in peace and our deepest condolences go out to the sweetheart and her family. 
And then a few weeks back, I scored a spot at the Kimora Lee Simmons meet and greet in KL. I was beyond ecstatic as they sat me right in the front row and when she walked in, Kimora was a mere five feet away from me!
Ms Fabulosity pretty much lost all the weight that was holding her down before and now she looks hotter than ever. She answered a few questions and I am working to upload the video right now so check back for updates soon. 
In the meantime, I am sure we all know that Malaysia beat Indonesia 4-3 (via penalty) last night at the SEA Games 2011 football finals. So this morning, the boys naturally wanted to speak to whoever we could get a hold of from the Malaysian Harimau Muda team.
Just so happen, I have been in touch with Khairul Fahmi for a few months now for an upcoming project. So we kept calling him from 6am till 8am but to no avail. His phone was switched off so we assumed that he was still on his flight back home.
Suddenly at 8:30am, he picked up our fifty thousandth call with, "hallo, Assalamualaikum?"
Prem and Hafiz froze and I was left with a croaky, "Waalaikumussalam, Apek?!"
He answered, "Ye!"
And all hell broke lose in the studio. We had Hot FM calling us soon after for his phone number and thousands of tweets came in from men and women, all excited to hear what he had to say. Thanks to our producer, Laila, here is a clip of what went down. Enjoy!

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