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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bandung Part II

We left off where my parents and I had gone to Pasar Baru to shop. The place reminds me of Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah in Kelantan except that it sells clothes and shoes and fake handbags. 
Mama kept saying she needed a lot of new pajamas but Papa kept saying she did not
These guys were everywhere and all of them had sad stories. I ended up buying boxes and boxes of Teh Botol!
Papa waited so long while Mama chose her telekung
My Papa and I stopped for donuts while Mama tried to borong a number of shops
After that, we headed to Rumah Mode where I shopped like there was no tomorrow!
Husbands and boyfriends waited outside Rumah Mode while their other halves shopped inside
Papa was such a victim himself

After that, ur Supir drove us up to Sapu Lidi for an awesome lunch of Nasi Timbel

We ordered A LOT thanks to the language barrier

I found Teh Kotak, which is another version of Sosro Teh Botol. It tastes the same, just a different brand

That night we had the very famous Iga Bakar Jogja. It is basically grilled ribs and it is the yummiest ribs I have ever tasted!

I had a really awesome time in Bandung. And will definitely return for more!

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