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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

They Have Been Living in Their Car for ELEVEN Years

On Monday, Prem received a call from a friend who says he had met an Argentinian couple who have been living in their car for eleven years. They have traveled around the world in the same car.
So we decided to invite them for an on air interview and boy were we impressed. Herman and Kandi have four children whom they had along their travels and each child is named based on the places they were born. For instance, their youngest, Wallabee was born in the great outback.
I asked Wallabee to come live with me but he would not leave his travels
The children are home schooled by Kandi and they learn a lot more from their real life adventure. Herman told us about the time they were driving in the middle of nowhere and their original 1928 Graham-Paige car was hit by a huge rock and the glass cut him and his wife. Nothing can deter their spirit to move on. 
In fact this wonderful couple met when she was just eight and he was ten. They told each other that they would one day grow up, get married and travel the world with what ever little they have. And they did.
Four year old Paloma was born in Canada
 After only six months of travelling, the Zapps ran out of money so she decided to pick up painting and he learnt to frame her paintings. So far they have been living on that and the mercy of kind people they meet all over the world.
People open up their homes to the family in return for stories of their amazing adventures.
Their car is another story altogether. All of us expected them to appear in an RV with a kitchen and bathroom inside. But we soon found out that their choice of transport is as unique as their idea of life.
This 1928 Graham-Paige has brought the Zapp family from Argentina to Japan, Canada, and even Alaska!
 According to Herman, this car has broken down countless times but never while they were in the middle of nowhere. As I checked out the windscreen, I find that the car has no modern wiper, but a teeny tiny oldschool one that requires the driver to wind it from side to side whenever it rains.
I always complain that I do not have enough trunk space in my car. But this small chest contains everything the entire family needs for their journey around the world!
The honker works and they DO use it!
Spark Your Dream is the title of their all amazing book which you MUST check out at amazon.com
For more on their incredible story, you can log on to their website, http://www.argentinaalaska.com


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