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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Evolution of My Kittens

Exactly two months ago, I came home from a holiday and discovered that my cat, Pebble had given birth to four very adorable kittens
 They were so tiny yet healthy and safe. I was almost sure that they would end up being eaten up by their father. Either that or their mother was too young to know how to care for them. Thankfully I was wrong. All four babies were perfect.
I called my mum and she could not believe that one of them was ginger. My mum LOVES ginger cats! Unfortunately my dad said that she could not have anymore, since we already have two at home. 
Pebble took very good care of her kittens. She licked them clean, cleared up their wee wee and was constantly nursing them. Very soon I could see the difference between one of the black ones and the rest. My mum named her Coreng and she would fight all her siblings for milk. She got so big that whenever she lied down on top of her siblings, you could hardly see her siblings!
Pebble and Coreng 
Tabby. They were all born with such long claws!
Papa Cat Ray Ray wanted to be part of the action too
Hachiko's nose got even more pink as the days went by
Within weeks, they were all up and about
Fattest of the pack, Coreng
As soon as they started eating solid food, I gave Coreng and Ray Junior away. They are staying in a good home now =)
Hachiko and Tabby are still with me
Taken yesterday, best friends forever...


  1. : coreng nampak mcm harimau . tomey tomey . but why u not keep coreng ?

  2. i bawak dorang jumpa my friend, pastu my friend pilih coreng. so i bagi lah. rindu gak kekadang. cute gila. ish

  3. Hachiko = orange cat..is it a he or a she? if its a he, would love to adopt it! ^_^

  4. I wonder how they are now :)