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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Glam shots

I do not get glammed up often so whenever I do, I make sure I take loads of photos hehe. Here are some photos from past events...
During Hari Raya. All dressed up and playing with my neighbour's cat
Flynniversary press conference. The skirt was too tight!
During Flynniversary with my boss, Seelan Paul
At the Shout Awards after party with Hunny Madu and Iyaz
At the Guess party 2010 with the girls from the office
Aaron and I at the Guess party


  1. pewitttt... glammm taw... hehehe

    hye, nadia!

  2. ermm...nadia, your Aaaron really look like Azhar Sulaiman (actor)!!hehehe..

  3. hahaha serious? maybe because of the hair and d shape of d face kut. lol

  4. hi nadia.
    u have a nice blog!
    i listen to fly fm otw to work (i drive 1 hour plus, tiring but u all never failed to make me smile) really love the pagi show.hahhaha..the gurugee and the kambing..kehkehkeh.i was really excited to know who is the guy from amerika...laaa guru gee kah?
    hahahhaa..tension ok for almost 2 weeks.
    and now try my luck to win the angpow from gurugee but never get through the line.
    i like the topic that u all discuss in pagi show. i still remember when u said u dont mind to rent a designer stuff and will bring the expensive bag to kedai runcit as well lah..so comel.hiksss..i made a posting on the topic in my blog.hiks..
    btw, i lurveeeee fly fm pagi show!

    catz miow-miow.

  5. catz, i love u sooo much. thank u so much for the support, i truly appreciate it, keep listening in k!