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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Laksa Goreng? What the...

Recently my cousin tweeted that she was going to get herself some Laksa Goreng for dinner. My curiousity drove me to SS14 Subang Jaya - "Well Cook Gourmet" is the name of the humble restaurant. According to the menu, all their dishes are simple "student" food (Taylor's College is just across the street).

I ordered the popiah which was nice, except that the hot sauce was missing. My boyfriend Aaron says it was so-so but I liked it.

I also ordered the Limau Barley which was absolutely refreshing, what with the current hot weather.
And then, came the superstar... Laksa Goreng...
It turns out to be the fried laksa noodle with soy sauce and eggs and served with condiments you usually eat with asam laksa - pineapple, cucumber, serai, and limau. 
It was a very interesting dish that tasted exactly like what the name suggests - Laksa Goreng. Simple, tasty, and perfect as a snack (I'm a big eater). I also ordered another plate of noodles but it was forgettable. So much so, I can't even remember its name. 

The friendly waitress suggested a few other best selling dishes which I will definitely try out during my next visit. Yes, I would go back there. However, Aaron does not agree as he thinks the food is too simple and nothing to shout about.

I say you should give it a try.


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  2. so nice... tsk tsk... here at my place so ulu that every weekend i have to eat bread n maggie only. =.=" how i wish i can eat all those... *drools*

  3. so yummyyyy popiah tu cam best jer

  4. eh eh the char koay teow luks yummy!