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Friday, 12 August 2011

54 Years of Independence = 54 Malaysians Get Help

In conjunction with Malaysia's 54th Merdeka, Fly FM's Pagi Rock Crew with the help of the listeners have created a real life superhero, Captain Malaysia. While his outfit is still being sewn by a very busy tailor, he has already gone out to carry out his mission of serving 54 Malaysians. 
So we set up an email account for Captain Malaysia where Malaysians can send in their problems for Captain Malaysia to solve. Within two days, the Captain received thousands of emails. Some people asked for help with everyday house work, some people selflessly asked Captain Malaysia to help those in need, while others asked for money for all purposes - from wanting to open a Mosque to settling credit card bills.
One guy even asked Captain Malaysia to rescue his red underwear which had been blown by the wind into his neighbour's compound! LOL.
On the first day, Captain Malaysia visited the house of Haffiez who wrote in saying his living room is very messy and his grandma is tired of cleaning everyday.
Everybody keeps asking why Captain Malaysia's costume is so "basic" lol. That is because his real costume is taking awhile to be made, since most tailors are tied up with orders for Raya.
Captain Malaysia did not allow the prototype costume dampen his spirits, he helped wash all the dusty living room decorations in Haffiez's house.

The next day, Captain Malaysia received the most beautiful request, Ruby asked the Captain to check out her friend's blog. Her friend Devi often blogs about a home for old or mentally handicapped people.
Devi visits the home every once a month but she alone cannot make a difference. The home is run privately and is not listed under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. Therefore, food and the cash needed to maintain the home is collected from either selling cookies or donations from wonderful souls such as Devi.
Taken from Devi's blog : http://devidalildevil.blogspot.com/
 I know, most people are uncomfortable visiting homes for the handicap for fear of being overwhelmed with emotions. In fact the morning before we followed Captain Malaysia to Pusat Jagaan OKU Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, I told my Producer, "Can I wait outside the gate? I do not want to upset the occupants by crying in front of them"
Producer lady told me not to be silly and everything would be alright. So off we went in two cars. We brought along RM300 worth of rice, milk, salt, sugar, flour, biscuits etc thanks to an anonymous donor. Another anonymous donor gave us RM200 to pass to the caretaker, Puan Normah, while Hafiz and I brought along clothes that does not fit us anymore. 
A kindhearted listener also went to the home to join us but unfortunately we arrived late and she had to rush back to her office. So she left behind some provisions and went back to her office. 
Meanwhile, Devi also spared some time to join us at the home. She arrived at 12pm and stayed there till we finally arrived at 1:30 (mintak ampun, Devi!). From that first moment I met her, I was convinced that Devi is God's most precious angel, sent down to earth to help those in need.
She introduced us all to Nana, this wonderful young lady who speaks three languages despite her disability. She welcomed us with open arms n hugged me tight.
Nana had a nice long conversation with Captain Malaysia. She says he is handsome and she knows his true identity =)
We hung out with the residents for awhile, chit chat with Puan Normah, the caretaker and not forgetting Tok Wan, the old lady who cooks for everybody. Tok Wan asked me why Captain Malaysia is all wrapped up, I said it is because he is a famous actor and singer. So before we left, Tok Wan called upon Captain Malaysia to sing for her.
He is unfortunately not much of a singer but Tok Wan was nevertheless entertained. A little toddler that was running around the compound when we arrived, got so upset and started crying her eyes out at the sight of Captain Malaysia lol. Captain, we really need to rush that costume of yours.
This macho guy on the left side of the photo is Along. He is very hyper and super friendly. He loves it when visitors come by (which is rare) and he is always moving around, especially when we were about to snap photos lol. 
The cute old lady in front of Prem is Tok Wan. Next to Captain Malaysia is Puan Normah, the caretaker and last but not least, the hot chick on the right most side is Devi =)
 I am planning to go back to the home this coming Wednesday because it is a public holiday and in all the excitement, we all forgot that there was another big bag of milk and Milo in my car boot. 
Also some of my cousins and friends are interested in coming along because they have a lot of things to donate. If you too have a lot of things to donate, or perhaps you are interested in donating cash, just leave me a comment and I will let you know what time we are going. Gather everybody you know k?
The more the merrier!


  1. That's a great effort by you guys - I know I keep listening to Fly FM for a reason. Keep the community service awareness going!

  2. Nadia!! pls update! =p