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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ever Wonder What Happens After The Show Ends?

Many people ask what I do after my on air shift ends or when I eat since we are on air so early in the morning. Here you are, photo evidence that we are hardworking announcers (not really).
Some days Prem wears shorts that are too short and he shows off things that nobody wants to see...
Hafiz checks out hypermarket prices every morning. He likes to shop at Giant.
Muka basi in the morning
Staple breakfast while the show is going on in the background
I am the resident Flyfm958 tweeter in the mornings. Oh by the way it is #PagiRockCrew
In between songs we either surf the net or play with tiny studio items
And then after the show, the boys normally pass out on the sofa outside the studio
Sometimes we go up to the Fly FM office and monkey around
Just last week we prepared props to play Quidditch right after the show
Sometimes we go into the recording booth and record material for the next day
Some days we have video shoots
Every Monday we have our team meeting right after the show
And some other days we have outside events, like the time I had to run against a Malaysian football player in Shah Alam =)
So now you know what goes on after the daily show, ask me another question and I will try my best to answer it here =)