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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Melancholy Heart

Ever felt so glum because you were troubled and you had nobody to talk to? Ever feel like the world was moving too fast for you? I know people who work their whole lives to reach their dreams and once they get there, they find it lonely and empty.
They resort to drugs and eventually suicide. That is exactly what happened to those funnymen found hanging in their apartments.
People say "Who would have guessed that he was depressed? He was always laughing and joking around."
I believe that if you look hard enough, you would be able to sense when a friend is feeling down. Left alone and that friend will go deeper into the hole of sadness and eventually fall into depression.
Small things may trigger sadness.
Look out for the signs. Reach out to your friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

- dedicated to my friend, the late Razlan Amir. I now understand, Alan.


  1. Nadia..sounds so ceria in the radio but still have this feeling..???I'm totally understand too..

  2. yup. feeling like crumbling down so much. i dunno where can i turn to. i dunno what to do. i wish i can. i wish i am stronger inside. but i am fragile.im already tired. :(

  3. hurmm....almost da same day i felling like u do..dunno y...haissh