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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Monday Rant

I hate people who think they can just say what ever they want whenever they want. Hey, not everything is a joke, dumbass!
I hate not being able to find a good nasi campur restaurant to eat at for lunch
I hate inconsiderate people. When I say 5pm, you be there at 5pm. I had to run out of the stadium to look for you and you had the cheek to give me attitude on the phone. To think that I do not even know you! !##$%^&*())(&*^&%^$%$##$^&**&
I hate Malaysians who just cannot embrace the concept of queuing up. It is simple, you stand in line, you do not cut the line, you move to the front when you need to, you do not queue up next to the person but behind the person. Is that soooo much to ask for?
I hate young punks on the road. How the heck did you guys pass your driving exam? The road is not a place to show of your father's car. Nobody cares, they are just trying to get to their destinations safely. Seriously.
I hate that my cat keeps injuring himself in fights. I love you, I feed you, I keep you warm at night, so why can't you just stay at home with me?
Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just needed to blow off some steam. Sekian, terima kasih. SIla datang lagi.


  1. wow, 6 things u hate about malaysians..well done, bravo , good job ;) double thumbs up..
    hope those peoples read this..
    p/s..chill out dear!

  2. haha. relax Nadia. BUT it feels so good after you rant that to others. hope you did feel better. ;)

  3. wowwwww i hate that peeps yg buat u stress d hari isnin ni :P
    chill sis...relakssss relaksss..
    smile please

  4. steaming out... hehe.. be kewl sis...

  5. OMG. reminds me of my experience during college. I POLITELY told a girl (whom I assume a senior of mine) that she just cut the line (we're lining up for Nasi Ayam) & she rolled her eyes at me. so I told her to FUCK OFF & she asked me what year I'm in & whether am I a junior. I shouted, IT DOESN'T MATTER & rolled my eyes just like she did.


  6. hi nadia.

    can i have ur contact no or ur email add?
    i have something to discuss, currently im purpose u to be emcee.

    nadia za
    talent factory
    03 2148 1268