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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

There's always a first to everything

I am trying to grow my hair out and as you can probably relate, it is NOT easy urgh. Last year I decided to go really REALLY short and got mixed reviews from friends and family. I would get text messages asking "Why is your hair so damn short?"
I guess I just wanted to try it out. Aaron liked it, so I didn't really care what other people thought. But after awhile I kinda missed my long hair days.
This is how it looks like now and I wish it would grow faster! As a Leo, I truly believe that my hair defines how and who I am. Hunny says that eating a lot of almonds makes your hair grow faster.
I don't know how true that is, but if her hair is any indication, then I suppose there must be a lot of truth in it cause I can literally see her hair grow longer from day to day. It's crazy fast. Speaking of hair, I've been watching a lot of America's Next Top Model lately and they're showing the old cycles. 
My ultimate favourite is Elina Ivanova from Cycle 11. Her cool, composed personality speaks so loudly to me.
Apparently she was a closed book to the judges but I still think she took gorgeous photos.
She started off the season with shoulder length straight black hair. I thought she was gorgeous as it was but Tyra had other plans in store...

I felt her pain when they gave her the makeover
Elina ended up with bright red curls, which she hated and I totally felt her pain. However the power of confidence is undeniable. She swallowed her pride and made the best out of the mop. Beautiful girl. I wish she won. 
I tried googling her but not much can be found. I hope she's still modelling. 


  1. welcome to blogging arena nadia =)

  2. welcome to blogspot sis...rajin2 update tau...

  3. Women with long curls are hawt.

  4. elina didnt win. for that cycle, i think it was McKey or something like that(i forgot the name spell)

  5. got the exact same problem here. its been ages and my hair is NOT growing. :'(
    try out the almond thingy and tell me if it works eh. :))