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Saturday, 12 September 2015


I'm so terrible at keeping a blog, I swear. The only reason I blogged so regularly while on radio was because my boss kept breathing down my neck about it. Whenever I missed a post, my boss would bring it up in the next team meeting. Do you have any idea how scary that is? Lol. Anyways, I will be traveling soon and I figure, what better reason to start updating again.
So look out for wonderful scenic photos coming your way in October. In the mean time, there are a few things I would like to rant about. Mainly this one thing that happened a few weeks back. Pretty sure many people can relate to this as it happens more often than we would like to admit. 
A very good friend of mine contacted me awhile back, saying she wanted to borrow some money. I had quite a bit to spare especially as she said she would pay me back the following week. I had borrowed money from her countless times so I figured this would not be a problem. 
In fact, one time I was in Paris stuck with no money (loooooong story) and she transferred a significant amount into my account without asking anything. So yeah, I had borrowed from her before and she is a close friend so I did not think much of it. 
So a week passed and I did not hear from her but this was typical anyways because she is always busy. And then a couple more days went by and I started to get desperate.
You see, I am traveling to the US next month and I have been changing money little by little for the past few months. Being a freelancer, money does not come in once a month, sometimes several times a month and sometimes once in two to three months. Some clients are just terrible paymasters (lets save that story for another post, another time).
I had a stash of US dollars which I had changed when the rate was still 3.86 but I was running out of Ringgit really fast. My next payment was not due for a few more weeks, leaving me with no choice but to contact my friend.
I texted her, saying I kinda needed to use money and if she had enough to pay me back. No reply. Okay fine, she's known not to reply texts almost all the time. So I waited a bit more, thinking she would absolutely get back to me when she had time, seeing as to how important this was. Benefit of the doubt.
It did not benefit me at all. No reply. Funny thing was, she was suddenly very active on social media (This is a person who hardly ever posts anything on social media, compared to me who posts at least one photo a day). I texted again. No reply. A number of days passed and out of the blue she texted me saying "By the way, I am not ignoring you. Things have been crazy. I will pay you before you head out to US."
Something along those lines. 
Now, she is an old friend. A very good old friend. We have been through a lot together and she has lent me money countless times. This was not about the money anymore. This was about the fact that I felt disrespected as a person. I was disappointed and upset and I made a conscious decision not to reply to her text. She did not bother to look for me after my no reply.
I took a stack of my USD and changed them back to Ringgit, knowing full well that I would need to replace this USD at a much higher rate before I leave the country. What a waste yeah? Well I had no choice. My car needed to be refueled and my tummy wanted food.
I believe it has been a month and recently while scrolling through social media, I found her in another country. Last night, somebody posted a photo of her being even closer to where I live. 
I am not posting this so she would read it. I am beyond confident she does not read my blog, neither does she have the time to. I am posting this to ask you what you would do if you were in my shoes. I don't care about the money anymore but a real heartfelt apology would go a long way at this point. 
I don't know. What do you think? 

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